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Adenium Growing

Adenium Bonsai Plant
Adenium growing

Adeniums bear another charming name called ‘Desert Rose’. These succulent plants live long in the tropical climate and have spectacular flowers. Fat trunk (CAUDEX) of Adenium impose a bonsai look to the plant.

Adeniums are easy to grow as potted plants and they are hardy and tough due to its Xerophytic nature. The beauty of Adeniums are such that it gives profuse flowering with or without maintance. The Arabians, Africans and Chinese consider them as lucky plants.


Adeniums are desert plants by its origin. This nature makes it fit even to thrive well under the full sun. The value and beauty of Adenium increases as it ages. The Chinese laughing budha with big stomach is considered to bring goodluck in the same way Adeniums with big caudex is considered lucky.

The Adeniums need more water as the temperature soars to 40+ C in India. During winter reduce watering for Adeniums and temperature below 4 C will kill the plants. In such cases it is advisable to reduce watering

Soil Type

Adenium need a porous and quick draining media like coarse river sand and farmyard manure mixed in the proportion of 1:1 . This mixture holds moisture well. Before the rainy season it is advisable to repot the plants with new soil mixure. This helps in better water drainage during rainy season. Basic idea is the soil should not be too much dry or wet.


Adenium grow in any type of pots with adequate drain holes. To enhance the flowering it is essential to give a liquid feed on a weekly basis. Occasional doses of micro-nutrients will help.


Once in 2 years Adenium should be cut back to 2” to 3” stubs to get fresh growth which induces profuse flowering.


It is advisable to repot the Adenium every 2 years with or without pruning in such a way that the root (caudex) is more exposed.

Pests & Diseases

Adeniums are tough – only a few pest attach them like Mealy bugs, Spider Mites and Aphids

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